Composition Manager

The Compositions Manager allows you to manage the compositions in the current model, both Render Only and In Model.


You can toggle the visibility of existing compositions by clicking on the
(Render Only) or
(In Model) icons.
The visibility can also be controlled by SketchUp Tags (formerly known as Layers). After assigning a composition to a tag using the drop-down menu, toggling the tag will also toggle the composition visibility.


You can re-generate a composition at any time using the
icon, without opening the Composition Editor. This can be useful when changing the geometry of a host or a mask.

Exporting compositions

Click on the
icon to export a composition. It will create a .skatter file that you can then import into another project using the Compositions Manager or 3D Bazaar.
The Export Scattered Objects and Export Materials options let you embed the Scattered Objects (as .skp files) and Materials (as .skm files) in the .skatter file. In this way, these entities will also be imported when you import the compositions in another model.
Export Scattered Objects also exports rendering dependencies like proxies and maps
You can optionally select a cover image that will be used as a thumbnail in 3D Bazaar.

Importing compositions

Click on the
icon to import a composition that has been previously exported as a .skatter file.
The Composition Manager is also capable of importing compositions from Skatter 1 stored as .sklib files.
You can also browse and import compositions from 3D Bazaar.