3D Bazaar (Library)

3D Bazaar is an extension bundled with Skatter that allows you to manage and import your local asset library. It also gives gives you access to an extensive marketplace of high-quality render-ready assets.

Importing Skatter-ready assets from the marketplace

The marketplace contains hundreds of plants, both free and paid, that can be used with Skatter. Many of these assets are already pre-configured to be imported as Skatter compositions.

In the marketplace, click on the Skatter Contents category to access all the Skatter-ready assets. These are pre-configured to be imported directly as Skatter compositions, so that you don't have anything to configure (unless you want to tweak the distribution).

When importing a Skatter-ready asset from 3D Bazaar, you will need to select the appropriate file type:

Any other object can be used in Skatter, but you will have to create the compositions yourself.

Importing Skatter compositions from the local library

Compositions exported via the Compositions Manager (.skatter files) are recognized and listed by 3D Bazaar. You can import them directly, provided that Skatter is installed and enabled.

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